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Create An Experience That Connects To Your Ideal Customers

Engaging your ideal customer has to be one of the most sought-after achievement by brands all over the world. We are talking lead generation and closing sales. Then keeping the customer after the sale to come back.  That entire process is a science. It can be achieved with great copy, visual storytelling using content and your brand story. Combining these marketing activities with advertising and SEO you can reach your brand’s goals.

How do you know you need these super cool visual storytelling or content immersion can work with your marketing and sales process?


Answer is simple, an assessment of your business and marketing models. By looking at the gaps that your brand needs to fulfil on leads, sales or brand reach. Knowing if content creation is the gap or if innovation is needed to boost the brand image.


At the end, all that matters is if the ideal customer has connected with your brand experience to the post-sale. Don't forget about customer service ...that is all part of your entire brand and what will distinguish your brand from the bigger companies.

This is the team who will buzz brightly about your brand!

Our BrightBuzz team gives our clients a simple experience where we collaborate with your team, so your company is part of the entire project. We are flexible where you can choose who you want on your production or we will take care of all the production.


Our team is a collaborative of high-performing professional marketers and hired based on their specialty for a particular project.

Tina Hiatt
Chief Visionary
Patricia Pick-Franke
Patricia Pick-Franke
VP or Hive Strategy & Innovation
George Cranford
George Cranford
Head of Media
Sandie Austin
Sandie Austin
Head of Finance
Happy Girl
We focus on the experience to make you money, to engage your customer and to show the world that your brand is unforgettable!


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