We are a newly formed, forward-thinking agency with a collective of strategist, visionaries, creatives, visual media experts, and writers. Backed by over 70 years of proven marketing expertise. The buzz team shows our clients that a kick-ass and wow customer experience is possible.

BrightBuzz was formed to help your business grow through innovative, sustainable strategies. Whether for a product launch or a continued marketing push - creativity, customer experience, and storytelling matter in building your brand’s success. So, we focus on crafting truly delightful offline to online experiences for your customer.

our promise

Create visual experiences, deliver results and promise an amazing and exciting experience working with our collective team.

our mission

To help brands grow through innovative, sustainable strategies and craft truly delightful customer experiences. We believe that creativity, customer experience, and storytelling matter.

we are

Opportunists, bright, enlightened, creative, strategic and catch stuff that would normally be overlooked. Our team understands the whole of a situation and the entirety of a solution.

At the Parade

Are insightful, thorough, and integrative — an approach that offers a defining difference to our clients. So, if you have a vision, we can build a foundation that will bring it to life.

The collective team has worked with some of the biggest established brands such as Samsung, Facebook, Beckman Coulter, Herbalife, Roche, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Experian.


Smart, bright, seasoned marketers catch stuff that would normally be overlooked.

Opportunists who find and leverage new findings for our clients.

Our team cares about how the customer experiences your brand and gives it our all for you.


How did the core team meet?

All in California through mutual friends and family plus working together in corporate.

Why the US to the UK?

Our Chief Visionary, moved to the UK and opened BrightBuzz during lockdown on an inspiration to provide her friends and corporate co-workers a chance to utilise all their massive talents.

What was the inspiration for BrightBuzz

Bright Buzz came about from all those not so good experiences with companies from many industries and all those interviews for employment and finding out they all had similar issues, driving seamless customer experiences. So here we are creating limitless and endless possibilies endless for clients.

What's with the header of palm trees?

Since our core team are all from California and one of the team still lives in LA, thought it was appropriate for the palm trees.

Get To Know The Core Buzz Team

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